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    3 patches not seen in scans

      I took a several-months-old image and brought it up to date with NetChk, then did a Windows Update scan.  WU found 3 patches that NetChk did not.  XML version was

      1. KB2446708 .Net 4
      Applying this patch changed version of dlls from 4.0.30319.1 to 4.0.30319.225
      I've got the installer for this in my NetChk download directory, so you must see it in some cases.

      2. KB2526954 Silverlight 4
      Version changed from 4.0.60129.0 to 4.0.60310.0

      3. KB2464623 PowerPoint viewer
      pptview.exe version changed from 12.0.6545.5004 to 12.0.6550.500
      The viewer was installed as part of Office 2007 Pro Plus, it was not a separate install.
      A previous post said you do scan for this patch, but maybe you only see the stand-alone viewer.