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    32-bit java on 64-bit windows - potential fix via batch file / sccm advertisement

       Hi guys.  I've been licensed for SCUPdates for a while but I'm starting to get my hands dirty in a real way.

      The problem with 32-bit java on 64-bit windows was annoying, and I hope this helps some of you.  Just advertise it to all machines.  It'll only create the junction on a 64-bit machine.

      I'm still testing - I don't know what happens in all cases, but I have a good feeling so far.

      :: This batch file resolves 
      :: where 32-bit java cannot be installed on a 64-bit machine
      :: under the SYSTEM process (sccm agent)

      :: It is only necessary to run on 64-bit windows machines

      if exist %windir%syswow64configsystemprofile goto fixforjava

      goto END

      if exist %windir%syswow64configsystemprofileAppDataLocalLowSunJava rmdir /S /Q %windir%syswow64configsystemprofileAppDataLocalLowSunJava
      if exist %windir%system32configsystemprofileAppDataLocalLowSunJava rmdir /S /Q %windir%system32configsystemprofileAppDataLocalLowSunJava
      mklink /J %windir%syswow64configsystemprofileAppDataLocalLowSunJava %windir%system32configsystemprofileAppDataLocalLowSunJava

      exit /b 0

      I'll post back when I have a better idea of what might break.  But maybe someone else can do some testing, too.  I'm wondering what happens when both 64-bit and 32-bit java are updated at the same time - if they the same msi file name, that would be an interesting issue as they'll both live in the same spot and get extracted there at the same time.