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    MSWU-476 / Q2454826

      I have two 2008 R2 servers and three Windows 7 64bit machines that are claiming that this patch is missing. However, Shavlik has pushed this patch a few times now, and I have restarted these machines at least three times now. Also, Windows Update is not showing this patch as missing on these machines.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!
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          Hello Amber,

          It could be that the patch had been installed at a different time but did not full install.  Could you check Add/remove programs, and use the check updates to show if it is installed?

          -If its installed but still shows missing could you try to remove the  patch and install it once more? This should completely install  correctly.

          When we scan we also show what we find missing, this is under the machine scanned> patch missing> patch info pane on the bottom of the GUI. This will give you the item/s that we found missing that indicate, according to Microsoft, the patch is not installed. If you check this manually it should match our results, which indicates the patch was either not completely installed or it is having trouble running.

          -If the patch is not installed could you try going to c>windows>propatches>patches and find the patch that would look similar to this : Windows6.1-KB2454826-v2-x86.msu  and try running this manually to see if there are any errors when running it? If you do get an error it could shed some light of the reason for failure.

          Thank you.