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    Patch ports (3121?)

      I need to patch a number of servers in the DMZ from the patch server in the Lan. I intend to use agents to do this, so I need to know which ports to open in the firewall, which way. I read about port 3121 in the documentation, and here on the forum I came across port 4155. Do I need both, both ways?
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          Port 4155 is just for listening agents. This is only needed when the agent is expected to update when there is a policy change and before its scheduled check in time. 

          The list of of ports for all of our items are listed under help>index>"Requirements" > Scroll to the bottom. This will show all ports needed. For agents you will just need 3121 if you install manually. But also the first sharing ports if you choose to do remote install.

          Also certain ports will need to be opened depending on where you have it set to obtain patches, these could include port 80 if using vendor as well as ports on a distribution server if that is the configuration your choose.

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