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    Scheduled Reboot Not Working

       We've noticed that in version 7.6.0 b 1482 if you install patches immediately but schedule the reboot, the servers do not reboot. Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting?
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          My first suggestion would be to upgrade to Protect 7.8 since there have been numerous bug fixes in it.  You can download the install from www.shavlik.com/downloads.aspx and install over the top of you existing 7.6 install to upgrade.   If the issue persists, the deployment job may be failing at the scheduler level.

          For the scheduler:  You may want to force the Protect console to reinstall the scheduler on the target machine.  On the target machine, open up a command prompt and browse to the folder C:WindowsProPatchesScheduler

          Type: stschedex /remove 
          Then go into a windows explorer and delete the entire C:WindowsProPatches folder and sub folders.
          Attempt another deployment.

           There are a lot of variables that could be contribution to the deployment issue so contacting support at support@shavlik.com would be a viable option too.