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    Computer won't install MS patches

      I've got 2 PC's that have stopped applying MS patches.  I can scan them successfully and they appear to apply Adobe and other third party patches.  However when I go to apply the MS patches that are missing they fail.  Actually...let me rephrase that.  The patches are copied over successfully, they start to install and then all the patches finish installing almost immediatly and the computers go to a reboot pending status.  After the reboot, I scan the machines again and all the patches that I just applied are still listed as being needed.  I've tried removing the the patch files from the Propatches directory and reapplying them and I get the same results.  I've tried deploying the patches indivdually to these two machines and I still end up with the same result.  I've looked at the Event Viewer on these machines and I can't find anything to point to why the installs are failing.  Both machines have plenty of available memory and hard drive space.  Anyone have anything I can try or look into?   
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          Can you identify the KB number associated with the patches (this directly correlates to the Q number) and see if they are listed as installed under Windows? If so, they may have been incorrectly applied, but cannot be re-applied until they have been removed from within Windows.

          Also, you can attempt to manually run the patches, which should provide a very clear answer as to why they may be failing to correctly apply.
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            I have identified the KB numbers and checked the PC's; the patches are not showing as being installed under Windows.  

            When I get a chance I will try manually running the patches and report back the results.

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              I thought I post that I have a resolution to my issue.  One PC just started applying patches....not sure why yet and I don't think I'll have time to investigate a root cause.  As long as it's patching I'm good.

              The other PC took a little more time.  It came down to a policy we have in place to prevent read/write access to USB devices.  This PC had an external USB drive plugged in.  When the install kicked off for the patch "something" would attempt to access the USB drive.  This access attempt would trigger the policy and kill the process that was trying to access the USB drive.  In this case it was killing the install for the patches. Bottom line...I disconnected the USB drive and the patches installed with out any issues.

              Hope it helps some out in the future.