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    Installing KB2117917 on Vist 64-bit causes MS09-047 to be shown as missing.

      Using NetChk Protect 7.6.0 build 1496, XML

      After installing KB2117917 on a Vista Ultimate 64-bit system, NetChk wants to install MS09-047 / Q968816 again.  The reason is:

      MF.DLL, 11.0.6002.18392 < 11.0.6002.22150

      I'm pretty sure this is another GDR vs LDR problem.

      P.S. I know I've mentioned this before, submitted it as a feature request, and others have mentioned it, but PLEASE update NetChk Protect so information from the Patch Information tab for missing patches can be copied and pasted.  It is a real pain to have to type all that file and version information when trying to post on the forums.