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    Clear Retry Counts

      One of my users used MS update to check their PC. MS update shows 8 patches to be installed, come critical, others just important. I explained how Shavlik will quit trying to patch after 11 timesand told the user I would reset his Retry Counts. I cleared the retry counts and still nothing patched. I still have 4 critical patches not being installed by Shavlik. I used the default WUScan for the PC. What could I be missing?
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          The retry counts are for agents only.
          If using agents, please verify the patch is able to get downloaded from the vender site to the agent machine.
          If using a distribution server, verify the patch was downloaded to the NetChk console, then sync the console to the distribution server.  Next, verify the agent machine can copy the files from the distribution server to itself.
          If the full patch exists on the agent machine, yet the patch install itself is failing, manually run the patch on the agent machine, what is the reason it shows that it fails to install?

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            I have the agent installed. The patch can be downloaded from Microsoft. I downloaded the patch. The patch installs from Microsoft.
            On the shavlik report, the patches for this machine say thay are installed. in Control Panel the patch is not installed. I downloaded the patch and manually installed. It now shows in Control Panel.
            For some reason the Shavlik report is showing installed but the patches are not installed.