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    Software distribution and patch deployed together

      Using NetChk Protect 7.6.0 build 1496

      I would like to distribute Adobe Reader X to our systems (currently on Reader 9).  However, we also use McAfee AntiVirus, and the Reader X update that Adobe released yesterday includes a fix to allow Reader X's sandbox mode and McAfee's Buffer Overflow protection to work together.  I would like to be able to have NetChk install the Reader X product and then the patch (in that order, obviously) without having to rescan in between.  In my manual install testing, it doesn't appear that a reboot would be required in between the two.

      I looked at the help on the custom patch actions, and searched the forums, but I can't seem to find information or examples on how to do this.  Can anyone help, or at least point me to a similar example?  BTW, I know the Reader X patch from yesterday isn't in the NetChk XML yet, but I'm assuming it will be eventually.