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    MSWU-476 / Q2454826 and MSWU-381 / Q976662

      Using NetChk 7.6.0 Build 1496, XML

      I have a Win 7 Pro 32-bit system.  NetChk did not say that it needed MSWU-476 / Q2454826, but Windows Update did.  I checked a few of the files and they were already the correct version, but it was a pretty long list so I let Windows Update install it.  Now, NetChk wants to install MSWU-381 / Q976662 again.  It is saying JSCRIPT.DLL 5.8.7600.16732 < 5.8.7600.20587.  This is another case of the GDR vs. LDR branch version problem that seems to occur fairly regularly.

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          We have released a new XML.  Please perform a Help -> Refresh Files.
          Please let me know if this helps:

          Shavlik Technologies has released updated patch XML files for Shavlik NetChk Protect.

          XML data version = Last modified on 2/9/2011


          - Added APSB11-01(QASW11596620): Adobe Shockwave Player

          - Added APSB11-02(QFM102152): Adobe Flash Player

          - Added APSB11-03(QAR1001): Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

          - Added CHROME-05(Q9059794): Google Chrome: 9.0.597.94.


          - Modified MSWU-381(Q976662): Fixed an issue where patch show as missing after installation of MS11-009 on some systems.

          How to obtain the new Shavlik XML files:
          The new XML files will be automatically downloaded to your NetChk console the next time a scan is performed.  Alternatively, you may initiate a refresh of all Shavlik files, including the XML files, by selecting 'Tools-Refresh Files' from the menu bar in the NetChk console version 6.x and earlier, or 'Help-Refresh Files' in the NetChk console version 7.x and higher.  For additional information on Shavlik data files, please visithttp://forum.shavlik.com/viewtopic.php?t=4923

          - The Shavlik XML Team