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    patching a windows 7 machine

      I am trying to scan a windows 7 machine, and get a 451 error.  The credentials I supplied have administrative rights.  What do I have to do on the windows 7 machine to be able to scan and patch the new machine?
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           In our experience, Errors 451 are caused by the following items:

          The credentials used for the scan are not a valid member of the Local Administrator group on the remote machine. Test this by using the following command:

          If that succeeds also try
          net use \\MACHINENAME\C$ /user:DOMAIN\USER PASSWORD

          Provide the actual name of the machine you are trying to scan, along with the same credentials that you are attempting to scan with. You can substitute MACHINENAME for DOMAIN if you are using local credentials.

          Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again.

          File and Print Sharing is not enabled on the remote machine. To correct: Enable File and Print Sharing.

          The remote machine is a Windows XP machine that is not a member of a domain and the Simple File Sharing feature is enabled. To correct: Either join this machine to a domain or disable Simple File Sharing.

          The Novell Client 4.83 SP1 is installed on the HFNetChkPro console. To correct: Upgrade to at least 4.83 SP2. NOTE: This only applies to the machine in which HFNetChkPro is installed on; there is no need to upgrade the Novell Client on each machine you wish to scan.

          Both of the IPX/SPX and TCP/IP protocols are installed on the HFNetChkPro console. To correct: Ensure that TCP/IP is the default protocol in this situation.

          An unknown or forgotten local or group policy has been enacted on the remote machine, limiting the administrator's remote access. This is much harder to address because it involves a large number of variables, variables that Shavlik Technologies has not entirely mapped out. However, this situation is rarely encountered.

          Finally, you are not scanning the actual physical machine you think you are. In other words, the machine name/IP address you are attempting to scan is actually a different physical machine than you think and the credentials provided are not valid on that machine. This situation is typically only seen in very large organizations where network management is handled by several layers of personnel, oftentimes causing confusion such as this. One could argue that this really falls under bullet #1 (invalid credentials) but it is worthy of its own mention.

          It shouldn’t be overlooked here that nearly all of the causes for an Error 451 are the result of the scanning prerequisites not having been met.