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    Reboot Behavior for patches


      If we wish to publish and deploy updates without a reboot, do we need to modify the behavior of the update before we publish it with SCUP? I notice that if we edit the update, there is a field for "reboot behavior" as well as a section to put the command line switches to suppress reboot.

      Or should we feel confident that if we tell the SCCM Deployment to supress reboot, that it will suppress the reboot and should we control it all in SCCM?

      Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.

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          There are setting the SCUP data that will allow you to specify reboot settings under Extended Properties : Reboot Behavior.  This can be modified and republished to your SCCM server.  If you update your SCUP console with newer SCUPdates data, this setting may be changed back as we always leave the setting to "Can Request Reboot".

          In addition, you can specify reboot settings in your deployment template in SCCM under "Restart Settings".  I would probably go with the SCCM deployment template settings to suppress the reboot on your computers.  I have yet to see a reboot needed or requested when testing SCUPdates.  Trying out a reboot scenario on a test machine should help you out.