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    Important Information Regarding SCUP Editor Versions

      In order to fully support .MSP patch file formats in your SCCM/SCUP environment, you must have the latest version of the SCUP installed.  After internal research, we have found that Microsoft released a new version of the SCUP editor in November that fixes a critical bug around .MSP patches.  If you attempt to deploy a .MSP patch with previous editors, the patch will fail to install on the target system.

      How to find the version of System Center Updates Publisher you are using:
      In the SCUP editor, click on <Help> <About>
      The version must be greater than Version: 4.50.1103.0000

      If you have a previous version of the SCUP editor, please download the latest from Microsoft's download center:
      http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en
      Publish Date:  11/23/2009

      To visual see the issue from SCUP editor, export a .msp Security Patch information from SCUP you will see this line

      SCUP Console 4.5.1081.0000
      [code:2lvn5236]Incorrect line in from SCUP DB: <msp:MspInstallerData />[/code:2lvn5236]
      SCUP Console 4.5.1103.0000
      [code:2lvn5236]Correct line in from SCUP DB: <msp:MspInstallerData FullFilePatchCode="{0a06cfd5-eef7-44a3-97ea-631833e6ca8b}" />