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    SCUPdates Support for Sun JAVA x86

      [size=150:1ykkmgsw]Sun Java x86[/size:1ykkmgsw]
        In summer 2009, a limitation was introduced in the Sun Java installer.  Sun added a new service called "Java Quick Starter".  This service was designed for quicker loading of Java programs on Windows XP and Windows 2000.  When deploying the latest version silently, the Java installer will fail to close the JQS service on the target machine.  As a result, the target machine will have a Java dialog box open stating the JQS server needs to be stopped in order for the install to complete.

        Before installing any Java update, you will need to stop the JQS service on the target machine.  This can be completed by sending a service stop to the target machine:
          NET STOP "Java Quick Starter"
          Patch target system
          NET START "Java Quick Starter"

            More information about the Java Quick Starter service can be found here: