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    Scheduling agentless patch scan task for non-domain machines

    kaanfu Rookie

      We have a daily patch scan task created in "Schduled Console Tasks". Most of the machines are in domain, so patch scan works for domain machines. However the scheduled patch scan task does not work for workgroup machines. I have assigned local account for workgroup machines and manual patch scan works. It seems that Ivanti only allows to run scheduled tasks with only one credential.


      How do i schedule a agentless patch scan task for non-domain machines?

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          brian.taylor.support SupportEmployee



          It sounds like we might be looking at an issue with credentials under the account used as your Scheduler Credential.  If you click Manage > Scheduled Console Tasks, is the account set as the Scheduler Credential there your own account you log in with, or is it a different account?

          Manual scans work, scheduled scans fail: Scheduler Credential


          Assuming it is a different account, you will need make sure you log in under that account, create the credential(s) for those machines and assign it to them there - select them in View > Machines, right-click and choose Machine Properties, then assign it there to make sure it is used before anything else.  It would definitely also be a best practice to create a credential for the domain machines (assuming there are more of them) and set it as default in Manage > Credentials.


          Let us know if that helps, but it sounds like that should likely take care of this for you.




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