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    Getting list of upcoming patch deployments

    kaanfu Rookie

      We would like to create a view/list of upcoming patch deployments. it seems that API is not ready for this task yet, so we thought that maybe SQL query would work. Most of the patch deployments have been automated via "Schedules Console Task" view.


      We would like to list following data: machine name, ip, machine group, last deployment time, next deployment time.


      In "Schedules Console Task" view we can see "Last run" and "Next run time" columns. Where can i find these columns in SQL database?

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          Eric.Cuthill SupportEmployee



          The scheduled items are not something that translates well in the database (schedulePart table) and are also in the Microsoft scheduler. The GUI interface in our application is the best place to see this data and will list the start times for the scan, the next scan time, last scan time, and the machine groups selected though the membership of each group can change and is not just a list in the DB due to the dynamic nature of the machine groups themselves. Though it does not provide deployment times it just has the patch scan start times. The deployments run when the scans complete and this will depend on your environment.


          The best place to get a list of machines in a  group is post scan and would be in the scan machines database table. This includes machines we could scan and the ones that failed. It also includes the name of each machine group the machine was scanned as part of. This is valuable since machines can be in multiple machine groups.