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    Scheduled Scan - No Results / Incomplete Results

    MikeGolf299 Rookie

      Hi All,


      Hoping someone has came across this before and is fairly straight forward. I work for an MSP and run Ivanti on a number of estates of which this specific problem has shown on a number of them so its not isolated to 1 installation.


      I try to run scheduled tasks where possible but randomly come across this problem,



      Schedule: 4x Recurring Scans, 4th sat of the Month @ 07:15:00, All Scans have an immediate Staging and Deployment Set.




      Scan Results: Scan's show as run but come back with Zero results and Displaying IncompleteResults





      The only Console Logging error I can see is the following: ST.TaskHost

      2018-11-24T07:15:21.2083434Z 0008 E WorkItemCatalogDataDownload.cs:112|Error: File not downloaded: WindowsPatchData.zip

      Error reason: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.: http://content.ivanti.com/data/WindowsPatchData.zip


      Could this be an Error Due to 4 Jobs running at the same time conflicting with each other?

      Any insights or additional information would be greatly appreciated.

      i have not been able to isolate this to any singular cause.



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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee

          Hello Malachy,


          Thank you for your post. This issue very much is likely due to the fact that there are quite a few tasks running at the exact same time. I would suggest spreading the start times out over about 30 minutes so that way each scan can get started and ultimately finish before another one does. This can allow the record to be created and imported to the database prior to another record and also avoid transaction issues during the data import.