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    Patch Template - timing options

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      I use a deployment template when deploying patches to laptops. I set my timing options to 100 seconds to wait before retrying. I pushed the updated to the laptops last Friday and scheduled the installation to begin at 5:00 pm. One of my users left the office before 5:00 pm and took his laptop with him. He logged in again on Saturday and received a notification from Ivanti around 4:00 pm that updates are getting installed in his laptop.


      My question is does Ivanti will keep trying to push updates to the target machines until it is successful?

      Does the deployment expire?

      How many times it will try to deploy the patches before it stops trying (I thought the 100 seconds was the limit)?


      Thank you  for your help in advance.



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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee

          Hello Emil,


          Thank you for your post. The seconds to wait before retrying is for the copying of patches to a machine, not for retrying the deployment. As stated in our help guide, "If a patch copy fails, you can specify how long to wait between retries.  Valid values are from 0 to 100 seconds."


          To answer your question, if the machine had all the patches copied to it before the time the user left, and remained in a state where it would still be online, the machine would continue to patch despite the user not being in the office. It's likely that the message they were seeing had something to do with your reboot settings that would happen after patches finished installing.


          What are your current Post-Deploy reboot settings configured to?





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            My Post-Deploy reboot setting is set to "Do not Reboot after applying patches".

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              Let's say I set my deployment to start the staging process at noon but don't start to install at 5:00 pm. If the laptop is online at noon and finished all the download but the user turned off the computer at 3:00 pm, then come back in the office the next morning. Will Ivanti try to install the patches as soon as the computer is back online?


              I'm trying to figure out if there's an expiration date/time of the deployment.