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    Deployment started an hour late

    LucySc Rookie

      Something very strange happened this morning, my deployment scheduled for 07.50 did not run, even though when I checked in scheduled console tasks at 08.25 it had gone to the bottom of the list (i.e. the time had passed). The deployment did not show in the deployment tracker so I assumed the job had failed and I was going to investigate why later. I didn't need to because at 09.10 my users started calling asking why everything had gone down, sure enough the 30 servers in this deployment had started patching at 08.50 and had gone into their reboot phase. This is our first scheduled deployment since the end of British Summer Time so I assume it's to do with that, but the Patch server has the correct time, everything looks good on the domain (clocks changed two weeks ago so we definitely would have seen problems before now), and as I say, the console was showing the task as being in the past. What should I be looking for in the logs and how can I prevent this happening in future?

      Thanks in advance for your help