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    Server 2012 failing with Patch returned 42

    PaulFreedman Apprentice

      I have started to get failed deployments on some of my servers, all the patches fail with returned 42.



      I have checked but cannot find this error code anywhere.

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          Eric.Cuthill SupportEmployee



          The return code of 42 usually points to an issue with Windows update or the datastore on the target machine. If the patches were for a program such as office or .net I would typically suggest a repair of the application but these are OS patches. You can do a few things to verify the issue outside of our application but the main one is to run the updates manually on the target to see if you get a more direct error from the patch itself. From there you can choose to work with the vendor of the product that is being patched or you can try the steps below before going that route.


          With that I need to suggest running a SFC /scannow and a DISM scan of the target machine. I would expect the DISM tool to be able to find and repair the issue.