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    Windows 10 1809

    christianpauli Rookie



      is there an estimate, when the IVANTI Advanced Patchmanagement supports Windows 10 1809?


      At the Moment, it's not implemented, isn't it? On my new Dell 5591 with Windows 10 Enterprice 1809 (17763.1) Release I got the following security risk overview:


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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee

          Hello Christian,


          Thank you for your post. As Windows 10 build 1809 was just released two days ago, it will take a few days for this build to go through our testing and QA phases to confirm functionality.


          One thing to note here, it appears that you're using one of our OEM's products and not our in house product. Because of that, you'll need to work with the company of your current product on how they plan to utilize our data once 1809 has been implemented.