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    Display A Custom Window Before Reboot

    Baptiste Rookie




      After making patches on a company's computers we want to display a personalized message before restarting. Ivanti patch management and security management applications for SCCM, only displays a window that we cannot customize before planning a restart.



      So we created an.EXE file that we deploy through custom actions after deployment. The.EXE file starts on the target machine since we can see the "message" process in the computer processes, however the EXE is not displayed it is just executed.



      In summary, we can't modify ivanti' "SafeReboot" window, and notdisplay a new window from an EXE that we deploy from custom actions.



      Have you a idea for this issue ?



      Thanks in advance for your help. Have a nice day.




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          brian.taylor.support SupportEmployee

          Hi Baptiste,


          Thank you for posting your question here.  The reason you don't see the popup is that our deployments by design actively suppress anything from appearing to an end user during execution of a patch, etc.  You are correct that there is currently not an option to configure that SafeReboot prompt, but I would strongly recommend you take advantage of our Ivanti Ideas feature request forum (which takes the same login as this community/support portal):



          That feature request has been submitted previously, so our Product Management team is watching the votes on it to gauge interest.  Voting on existing requests and submitting your own are the most powerful way for you to influence the direction of the product, so please don't hesitate to add any suggestions you have for improvement/enhancement.  Here is a link to the similar existing request, so please add your vote:





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            Baptiste Rookie

            Hi Brian,



            Thank you for your answer. I'll use Ivanti Ideas feature request forum because it's important for my company !



            If someone finds a solution, I'll take it.



            Thank you and have a good day.

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              brian.taylor.support SupportEmployee

              Hi Baptiste,


              You can launch a separate message window with your own message in addition to the SafeReboot window using a Custom Action, if that would help.  One of my colleagues just suggested adding a Custom Action that would run something like the following command after all patches:

              if /i %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% EQU AMD64 (msg * / TIME:1800 This is our custom message) else (%SystemRoot%\sysnative\cmd.exe /C "msg * / TIME:1800 This is our custom message")


              "This is our custom message" is, of course, the message you want to display.  In my own testing, that message popped up right in front of the SafeReboot window as the deployment finished.  The drawback to this method is that the Custom Action patch "nullpatch.exe" won't report as successfully installed (because it is designed specifically to always be detected as missing), so any report on those deployments would show less than 100% successful.


              How To: Perform a Custom Action Complete Tutorial with Custom Actions

              If you try to watch the videos on this doc and they appear blurry, change the resolution to higher and that should improve for you.  The video is somewhat old, but outlines the process pretty well.  Definitely let us know if you have any issues setting that up, if this solution sounds like it would be useful to you.


              Lastly, to be clear, there is no officially supported method of displaying a custom window like this.  If there is any issue with this or it doesn't work as you intend, we will certainly give our best effort to help, but cannot guarantee it will function as you want it to.




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