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    what does the code return 32 mean

    ShawnSmith Rookie

      Hello, I am fairly new using Patch for Windows Server. I am hoping to get some guidance on an error code I received while patching.

      A couple of my servers failed to install the patch for KB4457426 with a returned 32 code.


      Can anyone tell me what this means?


      Thank you

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          brian.taylor.support SupportEmployee

          Hi Shawn,


          Return code 32 means "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."  That may be due to something like antivirus accessing the patch file when it was called during deployment, or patch itself returning that code if it was trying to modify a file that was in use.  If possible, I would recommend rebooting the target systems and deploying again.  If you still see the same issue, go ahead and open a support case and we can help you dig into it.


          For reference, I found the return code translation here:

          System Error Codes | Microsoft Docs