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    New version/build of Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers

    kaanfu Rookie

      Last build 9.3.4510 (9.3 Update 1) was released 10/02/2017. When is anew build or version coming out? Whats new features or fixed bugs will be included?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          The next version of Patch for Windows Servers will be released in Q4, late this year.  Although the core functionality of patching will not change, the name of the product will change to Ivanti Security Controls, or ISeC, due to integration of major features like Application Control in this initial release.  Future releases will include Device Control, Linux patching and Mac patching. These would be unlocked through purchase or you can continue with the basic patching features.


          We've release a preview version that you can access along with documentation here:  Space: Ivanti Security Controls | Ivanti User Community