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    Custom patch reports - combining different report

    HogFather Rookie

      Hi All,


      We are using Shavlik Protect:

      Ivanti Patch for Windows® Servers Standard (ST.Protect.exe): 9.3.4510.0


      I need a detailed summary report for audit purposes and I have found a couple of reports that if combined will give me the information needed. However here are my setbacks:

      1. When generating Deployment Status by machine report I have almost all the info, but if I export it to excel or .cvs format I get numbers instead of designated names - for example Vendor severity is no longer low, moderate, etc, but rather 2,3,4...

      2. Naming of the columns are not clear: smachID; smachNotFoundReasonErrorNum; smachServerType; and see 1. While in PDF or original format all is "human" readable;


      I have found the following document describing some of the queries used for generating reports:


      However it seems a bit outdated and I was wondering if there is a updated version.


      Ultimately what I'm looking for are the following columns:


      OS ClassSystem StatusSystem TypeTechnical OwnerBulletinPatch NameVendor SeverityPriorityPatch InstalledPatch ComplianceException ReasonDate ReleaseDate DueDate Installed
      Server123WindowsVPC (in prod)serverVPC\some.nameMSNS18-05-4091664_V3Q4091664MediumHighYesyessome datesome datesome date


      Note: I don't have access to SQL and I'm combining .cvs files into one detailed excel file.


      The columns in red are missing or at least I can't find the naming convention in the .cvs files


      Thank you in advance.


      Kind regards,