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    Adding ESXI Host - The Host Could Not Be found

    MikeGolf299 Rookie

      Hi All wondering if anyone has came across this issue, (Support case raised)


      Ivanti Product Fully Licensed:

      Licensed Capabilities


      Maintenance and Data Subscription expires:  24/06/2019 01:00


      ## ISSUE ##


      This is a New installation of Ivanti Patch for windows,

      Once installed I was able to add 2 ESXI Vcenters, populate machine groups with discovered machines.


      Came back a week later to add internet proxy details so I could start testing deployment and patching levels of the estate and I am met with:




      I then removed one of the hosts and re-added and I get

      Adding host.PNG


      Credentials have been confirmed to be valid and working,

      Successful Connection from Ivanti VM to Host via SSH:



      Can Ping the hosts successfully:



      Can telnet (443) from Ivanti VM to hosts:



      I have also completed a successful Refresh of all files.


      Again the Credentials being used have already successfully added these hosts to Ivanti last week, and I can log in with these credentials to full admin level.

      I have been unable to find any details of this issue anywhere else which has been successfully resolved.

      Thanks Malachy