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    PWS Agent causing laptop to freeze at startup?

    hsingy Rookie

      Hi everyone, we have recently implemented PWS 2018 and deployed agents to the end user laptops. A lot of the end users are now complaining that their laptops are freezing before the welcome screen, after the welcome screen and after windows loaded at desktop screen. We have disabled Asset Scan on the agent, and Patch Scan is scheduled to be on Fridays. Because of the freezing, we have to uninstall the agents from the users' laptops. Just wondering if anybody in the community have encountered similar situation. The end user's os are win 10 and win 7.

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          brian.taylor.support SupportEmployee



          We haven't had any issues like that reported on the support side, so I would strongly recommend that you open a support case so we can dig into this further.  Please provide the following details in the case description:


          - does this happen on all machines with an agent, or just some?

          - do all the machines seeing the issue have the same policy assigned?

          - what version/build of the software are you running?


          Agents are designed to be incredibly lightweight - most users don't see any impact to performance at all, so there is definitely something amiss.  Go ahead and open a support case and we'll be happy to connect and take a look at this with you.