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    Patch VMware Content Library Templates

    shaun.binkley Rookie

      We are currently patching VMware templates using Shavlik. Shavlik converts the template to a VM, powers it on, patches it, powers it down and converts it back to a template, great. However, Now we're using Vsphere 6.5 we'd like to manage our templates in content library's as we have multiple Vcentres.


      Therefor, I would like to raise a feature request for Shavlik to patch templates stored in content library's.

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          brian.taylor.support SupportEmployee

          Hi Shaun,


          Feature requests are handled through our Ivanti Ideas forum (this will take the same login as this community and support portal).  When you submit your ideas there, other users can see and vote on it to add their support for the idea, and the posts are seen and evaluated directly by the folks who make the decisions about what gets added and developed, so I would definitely recommend getting this idea submitted over there.  After you've submitted that, feel free to post the link for your submission here so that others who run across this post can know right where to add their vote as well.