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    Need to know "patch compliance" - Shavlik doesn't seem to have good way to do so

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      As a Manager, I want to know when all of my workstations are in compliance with a specific level of patching. Ivanti said the only way to know that is if the server can scan the endpoint. That doesn't work if 1) the computer isn't on the network at the same time we perform that scan and 2) the computer is never on the network to have a scan complete. Is a successful scan from the server the ONLY way to have the agent report in? There are no built in reports that provide what I need. Others must have found a way to do what I'm looking for. Can you please help. Thanks.

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          There are a lot of items I will need to cover and know about your setup and what you want to properly answer this for you. I am going to suggest that you create a support ticket in the support portal (Create it as a web case please) and request that the case be assigned to me. I will then reach out to you directly to schedule a time for a webex/call to go over the items you want in your report and how your environment is setup. Once I know that information I will be best able to direct you to a solution that should meet your needs. Weather it be a built in report or Xtraction a tool we offer for advanced reporting.


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