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    Server is installing patches 12 hours late

    PeteCullen Rookie

      Hi all, I'm after some help please.
      Ran a deployment to our SQL servers on Friday the 20th, all of them ran fine but one of them decided to install patches and vmware tools at 15:00 instead of 03:00, which as you can imagine didn't go down too well.

      Contend of CSTDeploy.log file on the day shown below:



      Logs attached.


      Logs consolidated for data migration by Nick Evans

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          brian.taylor.support SupportEmployee

          Hi Pete,


          It's difficult to say for sure without looking at all the other logging (namely STDeployerCore.log), but near as I can tell, the WinSCP patch you pushed likely timed out after 12 hours since it didn't return a response, and then the deployment moved onto the rest of the patches (the rest of which seem to not have had an issue).  We can dig in more deeply in a support case if you'd like, but that's what it looks like to me.  Does the WinSCP patch show as failed in your Deployment Tracker?  If so, that's almost certainly what happened.


          Let me know if that helps, or if you open a support case for this (I'll make sure I take that case).  I'm happy to help however I can.  One thing I would definitely recommend on machines like this is to schedule the reboot for a specific time of day - that way, if something like this does happen where one patch delays things unexpectedly, you won't reboot in the middle of the day, but overnight the next night or whatever you configure.




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