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    July Exchange patching havoc

    M.Milewski Rookie



      Is it only me not seeing all fixes regarding Exchange patching mess up mentioned here:


      Issue with July Updates for Windows on an Exchange Server – You Had Me At EHLO…


      For example I am missing KB 4338816 for Window 2012 (not R2) but can see KB 4345425 listed in Patches View.


      Any advise before I start rolling up them to my Exchange boxes?

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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee



          Thank you for your post. KB4338816 is a Quality Preview update that was released post Patch Tuesday and supersedes and replaces KB4338830. Based on the link you've posted, this is the update Microsoft is recommending that you install.


          As for KB4345425, are you not seeing this update in your scan results at all? If not, we would recommend you try installing the update manually to see if it applies or not. If it doesn't install, then that would explain why we wouldn't see that in your results.


          As for general advice with these patches and any times we see major issues like we have this month with Windows updates, take snapshots or backups of your machines prior to deploying the patches to have that fallback in case something goes wrong.