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    How do you handle name changes?

    bobsully Rookie

      With the now never-ending required OS changes from Microsoft and the constant re imaging and renaming machines, I am wondering if anyone has developed a workable solution to the 45 day expiration requirement of an Ivanti license seat. While Ivanti has been helpful and provided me with some temporary seats, I can see where future upgrades and replacements of machines will become an issue.


      We want to patch a machine as soon as it is on the network, this of course requires it be given a name that hopefully it will keep for some duration, but often is not.  When systems are swapped out, say a workstation for a tablet to the same user, the name changes to reflex the machine type, and using another license.


      I am looking for methods to better control this, even if it means retraining techs and changing procedures, but wondered if anyone has had success with a specific process for such a moving target.

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          cwinning CommunityTeam

          Hello Robert,


          I know you are looking for ideas from the community, but I thought I would chime in.This is a tough scenario to overcome, we do allow a certain percentage of overage to help alleviate the issue frequent name changes can cause.  Additionally, we can create temporary license keys to increase you deployment seat count to overcome some of this.