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    Misleading deployment status

    M.Milewski Rookie

      Can the deployment status be changes as this is a very misleading, especially when sending this to the client.


      Deployment status by Machine:



      The patch has been successfully installed but the server needs a reboot.




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          brian.taylor.support SupportEmployee

          Hi Marcin,


          Thanks for posting your question here.  The reason it is reported as failed is because the software has yet to be able to verify that is has been successfully installed, so we can't yet report it that way.  That's why the detail includes that specific info - to let you know that the installer ran, but further actions are necessary before it is considered "installed".


          If you would like any changes to those reported statuses, I would recommend submitting a feature request here.  Others will then be able to vote for request if it's something that is also important to them, and you will get feedback on feasibility and inclusion in a future release, etc.