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    Browse Credentials - Taking over Existing Console

    MikeGolf299 Rookie

      Hi All


      Hoping someone can save me from alot of extra work.


      I have just taken over the Ivanti Patching for a number of estates in out company which where previously managed by a single user. When all the patching was set up it was set up under his Personal account. I am now in the process of taking over will be moving this to be managed by a Single Service Account, I have re-added required credentials fine, re-added the hosts fine. Off to a great start so far


      When running a test Scan against a machine group 0 machines are discovered or scanned, in the machine group in question the VM's are there but there is no "Browse Credentials" assigned to the VM's. When I R-Click to add these credentials to the VM's the "Browse Credentials" Setting is Greyed out and not able to be selected. (see Image below for example)


      My current solution to this is to manually re-add each individual VM back into the machine group which then presents the "Browse Credentials" with ones assigned and I am able to run a Scan successfully.


      Is there a way round the "Browse Credentials" being Greyed out or is there a reason for this that can be worked around. There are multiple Machine groups with 200+ VMs whcih will need to manually added in so will take considerable time, where I could Select all and change the Brewse Credentials for all in one go if this was not greyed out.




      Hope this issues makes sense and someone has some insight.