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    Package and Deploy - Credentials Invalid

    MikeGolf299 Rookie

      Hi All,


      Coming up against an Issues, I have taken over the ivanti Console from another user, and have replicated the credentials required. When running a Scan and Deployment, the process Scans the VMS fine, Downloads the Patch to the machines, but then I get an Error essentially stating the Credentials are invalid and the patches never install.


      Please see image:



      I have tried a number of accounts, of which are members of Domain Admin, have access to logon to the VM's and OS.


      Any Ideas welcome, Thanks

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          ddenning SupportEmployee

          Hi Mike,


          Thank you for your question.


          Try setting your admin credentials to None by going to View > Machines > (pick a machine) > Right click > Machine Properties. Then rescan and deploy through the machine group.





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            MikeGolf299 Rookie

            Thanks ddenning,


            Think I have identified where I was going wrong. I was setting the Machine Group Credentials using the "Credentials" options at the top left of the Machine Group Window.

            I cleared this then Set the Admin Credentials individually for the VM's in the Machine groups (Ctrl-A, R-Click, Credentials, Set Admin Credentials)


            I have used the same credentials as before, but this time when running the Deployment it succeeds. Pretty sure this is a known issue, being new to the platform I missed this.


            Thanks for the response.