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    Invalid patch/product definition detected

    rbabcock Apprentice

      I'm seeing 3 instances of "Invalid patch/product definition detected."  I think these are not new errors, it's just my filters have been hiding the messages.  The messages were there both before and after this weeks patching Tuesday definitions


      Our only 32-bit Windows 7 gets this message for

        The Microsoft Windows malicious software removal tool.

        Download file Windows-KB890830-V5.61

      This is a library kiosk machine for self-service book checkout


      One 64-bit Windows 7 gets this message for

        Microsoft Office 64-bit Components 2016

        Microsoft office Shared 2016

        Proofing Tools 2016

      KB is unknown and there's no download file name

      Looking at email history, this machine has Skype for Business (which none of our other machines have) downloaded from an office365 pilot site for our parent organization


      One 64-bit Windows 7 gets this message for

        Vulnerability in Windows Fax Cover Page Editor could allow remote code execution (2527308)

        Download file Window6.1-KB2491683-x64.msu

        Unable to determine patch status. No file or registry tests available, see SKB3215

      Nothing found when I enter 3215 or SKB3215 as a document number