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    Ivanti Patch Agent Client over Direct Access IPV6 not working.

    DQCPS Rookie

      Heres my situation.  For our remote users we are using Direct Access for remote access.

      The agents on the remote machines, when they check in to the console show the IP Address of our Remote Access server.


      I've read that the Ivanti Patch Console supports IPV6 but when showing in the console will only show the ipv4 address. 


      The problem with this is I am not able to do any management of the agent from the console, initiating a scan, requesting an agent checkin, etc. 


      Now, I can ping the IPV6 address of the remote machines, and I can manually install the agent by adding the IPV6 address to a machine group:

      and it will go out and check and return the actual machine name and allow me to deploy an agent to it

      but in the console it will show the address of our DA server:


      Once its in that state all of my control ends.  I can't initiate any scan, checkin or anything. 


      Anyone else having this issue? Have a workaround?