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    Remote Agent Uninstall

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      In my enterprise environment I have an avg of 50-200 machines at any given time that fail check-in (out of several thousand machines). At the end of my troubleshooting process, I found it most expedient to send the Uninstall Agent task to these machines, but that task only works "at the next agent check-in". The original issue is that the agents are not checking in...so the machines remain marked as "Uninstall Pending" indefinitely. My question is this...Is there a script already built to uninstall the agent on remote machines using msiexec /x or wmic or similar method independent of the Ivanti software itself?

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          The agents if they do not successfully check in for 45 days put themselves into a suspend mode and their licenses become available in the console. After 180 days the agent should uninstall itself from the machine. The link below talks about manual removal but does not include a script to send to uninstall. If the machines are on network you can deploy the agent again with the new policy then uninstall if you wish still. If not you can use a trick of getting the uninstall string from the registry. Each version will have an unique uninstall string. The location will be one of two options and will need to be searched.






          In these locations look for a product in the string named folders that is Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers Agent or the older version is the Shavlik Protect Agent.


          You can then use the uninstall string to start and modify it by removing the /X and replacing it with /quiet /norestart


          How To: Completely Remove an Agent and All of Its Components



          I hope this is helpful and provides the information you need.