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    Can't delete third published updates

    Takechico Rookie

      Hello! When I'm trying to delete old published updates, I always get this error : 

      Expiring updates.... $$<AutoPublish><04-25-2018 20:42:12.504-180><thread=6 (0x6)>
      Failed to expire Adobe Flash Player Chrome because it is not locally-published or the specific revision was not found. $$<AutoPublish><04-25-2018 20:42:13.552-180><thread=6 (0x6)>
      Successfully expired 0 of 1 selected updates. $$<AutoPublish><04-25-2018 20:42:13.556-180><thread=6 (0x6)>
      Removing updates from deployments $$<AutoPublish><04-25-2018 20:42:14.803-180><thread=6 (0x6)>
      The updates are not in any Software Update Group $$<AutoPublish><04-25-2018 20:42:14.828-180><thread=6 (0x6)>
      Exception: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException  -  spDeleteRevision: cannot delete revisionid: 170775 because it is still deployed to a Non DSS Target Group
      spDeleteUpdate got error from spDeleteRevision
      spDeleteUpdateByUpdateID got error from spDeleteUpdate $$<AutoPublish><04-25-2018 20:42:14.927-180><thread=3 (0x3)>
      Delete 'Adobe Flash Player Chrome' : Failed $$<AutoPublish><04-25-2018 20:42:14.927-180><thread=3 (0x3)>


      How It can be fixed?