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    how can i tell which event generated an email

    WarrenJon Rookie

      I have an email from an deployment event that occurred. The deployment report is empty. The email went into queue for a help desk queue. I have no idea who set it up or where. Is there anyway to find out where this email alert is set at?

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          WarrenJon Rookie

          I actually thought about it for a second and came up with this. Just in case someone else want to see where email alerts have been set.



          SELECT        dbo.EmailRecipient.emailrecAddress AS [Email Address], dbo.ScanTemplates.scantName AS [Scan Template Name], dbo.ManagedMachines.mmName AS [Managed Machine], 
                                   dbo.ManagedGroups.grpName AS [Machine Group], dbo.DeployTemplates.deploytName AS [Deployment Template]
          FROM            dbo.EmailRecipient LEFT OUTER JOIN
                                   dbo.ManagedMachines INNER JOIN
                                   dbo.LinkEmailRecManagedMachines ON dbo.ManagedMachines.mmKey = dbo.LinkEmailRecManagedMachines.erecmmMMachID ON 
                                   dbo.EmailRecipient.emailrecID = dbo.LinkEmailRecManagedMachines.erecmmemailrecID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                                   dbo.ScanTemplates INNER JOIN
                                   dbo.LinkEmailRecScanTemplate ON dbo.ScanTemplates.scantID = dbo.LinkEmailRecScanTemplate.erecStscantID ON 
                                   dbo.EmailRecipient.emailrecID = dbo.LinkEmailRecScanTemplate.erecStemailrecID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                                   dbo.ManagedGroups INNER JOIN
                                   dbo.LinkEmailRecManagedGroups ON dbo.ManagedGroups.grpID = dbo.LinkEmailRecManagedGroups.erecMGmgID ON 
                                   dbo.EmailRecipient.emailrecID = dbo.LinkEmailRecManagedGroups.erecMGemailrecID LEFT OUTER JOIN
                                   dbo.DeployTemplates INNER JOIN
                                   dbo.LinkEmailRecDeploymentTemplates ON dbo.DeployTemplates.deploytID = dbo.LinkEmailRecDeploymentTemplates.erecDtDeploytID ON 
                                   dbo.EmailRecipient.emailrecID = dbo.LinkEmailRecDeploymentTemplates.erecDtemailrecID
          WHERE        (dbo.EmailRecipient.emailrecAddress LIKE '%emailaddress_here%')
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            ddenning SupportEmployee

            Hi Warren,


            Thank you for that information as I am sure that will be very helpful to others on this Community.