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    Determining Proxy That Ivanti Protect is using?

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      Good afternoon all,


      We have been experiencing issues with one of our offline sites getting patches. The offline site will scan a machine, and the data will rollup to our online server to download the patches. The online server is then scheduled to download definitions & predictive patches, and then is scheduled to distribute the patches to the distribution server that this offline console connects to.


      Unfortunately we've been running into a situation where the online console is not downloading the requested files. I'm able to sign into Shavlik and download them manually without issue. One of the concerns I had is how do we know what proxy IP address that Shavlik is using?


      I know that Shavlik picks up the IP address from Internet Explorer, but doesn't that IP address change if different users who remote into the server use different proxies?



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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee



          We apologize for the delay in getting back to you on this post. We appreciate your post.


          A proxy IP address shouldn't changed based on what user is signed in. In most cases, a proxy server would utilize a static IP to ensure that the proxy is consistent across all users.


          As for the downloading issues, this could be due to the local system account not being able to get through the proxy. All scheduled downloads of the patches would be utilizing the local system account. If your proxy is configured for user based authentication versus machine or anonymous authentication, this could happen as the system account doesn't have a way to supply any credentials to the proxy to verify it has permissions to download the files. 


          Thank you,