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    Determining Proxy That Ivanti Protect is using?

    danpalewis Rookie

      Good afternoon all,


      We have been experiencing issues with one of our offline sites getting patches. The offline site will scan a machine, and the data will rollup to our online server to download the patches. The online server is then scheduled to download definitions & predictive patches, and then is scheduled to distribute the patches to the distribution server that this offline console connects to.


      Unfortunately we've been running into a situation where the online console is not downloading the requested files. I'm able to sign into Shavlik and download them manually without issue. One of the concerns I had is how do we know what proxy IP address that Shavlik is using?


      I know that Shavlik picks up the IP address from Internet Explorer, but doesn't that IP address change if different users who remote into the server use different proxies?