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    Patch for Windows Agent installation/Registration

    ceraphim Rookie

      Hello community,


      I asked this question on "community.ivanit.com" but with no result or answer till now....

      Recently we started to test the Ivanti Patch for Windows solution for our company and I got stuck during the registration process of an agent via command prompt.

      I can install the agent manually, with the "STPlatformUpdater.exe" => double click > choose "...connection to the console" > fill out the form > choose the policy > and the installation/registration is done, everything is fine so far.


      Now I'm trying to accomplish the same task over the command prompt. To do that, I used the following guides:

      for the installation: Installing Agents Using A Manual Installation S...|Shavlik User Community

      for the registration: Installing an Agent with No Policy Using a Manu...|Shavlik User Community


      So I started the installation with the example form the first link. Customized the values and inserted the command.


           STPlatformUpdater.exe /wi:"/qn /l*v install.log SERVERURI=https://XXX.XX.XX.XX:3121 POLICY=AgentPolicy_MyPolicy AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=PASSPHRASE PASSPHRASE=mysecret"


      The agent got installed like
      described in the guide and I moved forward to the registration part.

      Here again I used the
      example, customized the values, inserted the command BUT nothing happened.


           STAgentManagement.exe-register -p silent=true -p authType=SharedPassphrase -p passphrase=mysecret -p serverURI="https://XXX.XX.XX.XX:3121" -p policy="AgentPolicy_MyPolicy"


      In the log files I got no notification or error message, only:


           Agent Registration Operation Log.

           Created Freitag, 6. April 2018 11:47:42


      I tried to change some of arguments in the command, executed the "STAgentManagement.exe" with the "-register" command only and tested some other commands (-list; -status, -monitor...) to see whether I get any result at all.

      Most of the commands got executed but showed a plank list or "no tusk" notifications.


      Now the question... what did I do wrong?



      I checked the connection from console to agent and reverse - fine

      I checked the name-resolution from both sides - fine too

      And like I mention before, the manual installation/registration-process works fine as well


      Thanks in advance for any advice.