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    Is KB4099950 now included in march patches?

    kaanfu Rookie



      We are all aware that KB4088875 & KB4088875 has NIC issues.


      https://support.microsoft.com/ms-my/help/4088875/windows-7-update-kb4088875 and https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4088878/windows-7-update-kb4088878 sites states following:


      A new Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) that has default settings may replace the previously existing NIC, causing network issues after you apply this update. Any custom settings on the previous NIC persist in the registry but are unused.

      This issue is resolved by KB4099950 which will be automatically applied when installing this update



      Does this mean that KB4099950  is now included in march updates? so there is no need to install KB4099950 seperately?