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    Pending Reboot

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      On a number of servers we are seeing a pending reboot regkey still enabled even after the servers have been rebooted after a patch cycle. It seems to be occurring on the same 3 values across nearly 500 devices in our estate.










      Has anyone seen this issue before? It's now causing issues with Chef automation. On some servers an additional reboot clears these values, others it still remains. I don't want to reboot 500 servers an additional time just to check if this may clear. 'STPatch.exe' is present in C:\Windows\ProPatches\Patches on all the servers in question.





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          When it comes to the reboots, Ivanti Patch for Windows(previously Shavlik Protect) executes a batch file that calls Microsoft patches with the /passive /norestart /quiet switches. The switches use are dependent on the patch and not all switches will be used if the patch does not honor them. Once all the patches are executed, we call the following windows API:


          ::InitiateSystemShutdownExW(0, const_cast<wchar_t *>(msg.c_str()), warningSeconds, TRUE, restart ? TRUE : FALSE, SHTDN_REASON_MAJOR_OTHER | SHTDN_REASON_MINOR_OTHER | SHTDN_REASON_FLAG_PLANNED)


          We do not directly affect reboots. It is either done through a patch (if the patch does not honor the switches) or through the Windows API. Regrettably any problems concerning this, like the ones you are seeing would be purely environmental or an issue with a certain patch itself. Regrettably we have not heard any issues with any current patches. Our suggestion would be to discover which patch may be causing this and reach out directly to the vendor to make them aware of any issues so they may address it in a future patch. I do hope this helps.