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    Patches are not being downloaded or pushed to the node

    achaney Rookie

      I am using Shavlik Protect 9.3. I was patching a new server and everything was going fine. I rebooted after some patches and scanned again. This time the server only had 6 missing patches. I tried to push these patches and nothing happens. All other servers seem to be fine. I thought it was the Scheduler on the server, so I followed these directions to uninstall (How To: Uninstall & Reinstall The Shavlik (ST) Remote Scheduler Service On A Single Machine ). This did not resolve the issue and on the next scan/deploy it did not install the scheduler. It opens the deployment tracker once I request the patches to be deployed, but I can immediately click "Clear all completed" and it closes the window. It's like the Shavlik server has an issue with the client. Any help is appreciated.