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    Can't scan since Friday.

    ISTeamWW Rookie

      Since Friday 3-30-18 late afternoon, all scans produce Error code 900, critical error, send logs to support. We believe you all pushed an update Friday?? Thanks!

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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee



          Thank you for your post. We are aware this issue is happening after the XML release this last weekend.


          For technicals, the issue seems to be caused by a product that was removed from our data and this issue wasn't caught in QA. The error seen in our logging is as follows:


          2018-04-02T14:29:01.6036934Z 0530 E GuardBoundary.h:29 patchScanEngine::CScanner93::CScanner93InterfaceImpl::Scan XML parsing error: class STXml::CXmlException at ScanParamsDeserializer.cpp:38: vendorId='36 does not exist in the catalog


          As a workaround, please try opening your scan template that you use for scanning and hit Save. Then try scanning again. We are seeing this help with the error for now.


          I'll update you when the fix has been sent out later.


          Thank you,