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    Patching for Office 365 / 2016 ProPlus  clarification

    Chris.Dover Rookie

      I am getting ready to deploy the latest version of Office 2016 via Office 365.


      From this KB: Office 365 Support for Shavlik Protect/Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers  I understand that Ivanti Patch can manage deployment of patches for Click To Run versions of Office 2016 on the Semi-Annual 'channel' (Which I think is the new name for Deferred?). Just to confirm, as long as I leave the default patch download path pointed to Microsoft's CDN and the auto updates turned off in the Office applications then Shavlik patch will still find and 'deploy' patches to Office when they become available?



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          anthony.swanson SupportEmployee

          Hello Chris,


          Thank you for your post. You should still be able to find the updates for Office 365 with the settings you've currently got in place. There is one more change that I would suggest you make if you have the Office 2016 ADMX templates imported into your AD.


          There is a setting called Office 365 Client Management that by default is going to block 3rd party sources from updating Office 365. Enabling this setting will allow 3rd party sources, and especially the noop.exe file used for this operation, to execute and call the Click-to-Run API module to initiate the update process. See the screenshot below for the setting.



          Thank you,