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    'Published Third-Party Updates' Indicate 'Content location' and 'Installable Item' are Missing, but they aren't

    frazeraccount Rookie

      I have a primary site server, two SUP/WSUS servers, a file server, and a database server.  The two SUP/WSUS servers share the same WSUS database on a separate database server and the same content location on a separate file server (per Microsoft Best Practices).  I run the SCCM console (with Ivanti Patch installed) on the primary site server.  I'm able to publish updates to WSUS through Ivanti Patch, synchronize SCCM software updates with WSUS, then download and deploy the updates.  Everything appears to be working just fine, but when I look at an update's details in the 'Published Third-Party Updates' folder of Ivanti Patch, the 'Content location' and 'Installable Item' URLs are correct but they are followed with a (Missing) notation.  This is true for all the third-party updates listed there.


      Is Ivanti Patch confused by my somewhat complex SUP/WSUS architecture?