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    Win 2008R2 & Win7 cannot provide patching status to console

    pfeigelm Rookie

      Please don't say firewall, its not firewall...unless, of course, its firewall.


      Ivanti Patch 9.3  No agents on client systems.

      It seems like it started 2 months ago. Before then this was not an issue.


      From my console I select a 2012R2 server, a 2008R2 server, and a Win7 box

      All get scanned. patches are copied over. patching scheduled.

      After that my 2012R2 keeps reporting, listing each executed patch, then the reboot, the rescan, finished.

      The 2008R2 and Win7 also fully complete: patched reboots, everything. However they cannot communicate back to the console, which just shows "Scheduled" forever.


      I understand that normally this would be a firewall issue. Communication after "Scheduled" is initialed by from the client to the Patch server.

      But I got 2012r2 servers shoulder to shoulder with 2008


      Has anyone seen this or is seeing it now?


      Thank you for any assistance.