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    Wrong Content Source listed on PatchDownloader.log after 2nd Software Update Point (SUP) added to SCCM environment

    Jose@IU Rookie



      1. Ivanti Patch for SCCM was working fine for several months on SCCM instance with a single SUP
      2. When 2nd SUP was introduced, publishing errors occurred. They were resolved by Sharing the WSUS content folder in the main SUP (upstream) to the 2nd SUP (downstream).
      3. Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) fails to run (ruleengine.log shows 0X87D20417). PatchDownloader.log shows error 404 for all of the patches that used to get downloaded just fine before. Below is an example of PatchDownloader.log failing with 404:



      The yellow areas are the FQDN of the 2nd SUP. It should be the FQDN of the main SUP instead.


      Any suggestions?